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Get Ready, Get Set, Take Action!
Mend and Heal Your Relationships
Create Partnerships With Those You Love
Unlock The Doors That Block You From Having Successful Relationships

For Men or Women  

The Beauty & The Beast of Relationships

Have you experienced heartbreak, disappointment and frustration in your

relationships?  Explore why your relationships can start out great and then

assume a downward spiral and what you can do turn it around. This includes:

7 Reasons why you are not getting what you need from men.  Developing skills to

sort, select and see The Love of Your Life and healing your past relationship ghosts.

Cost: $249         Limited to 25 Participants        Date: TBD



For Couples   

Teach Me How To Love You

Do you desire your relationship to nurture you from dawn to dusk? Are you

interested in creating more intimacy, fun and satisfaction in your relationship with

the opposite sex?  Discover your relationship pattern, your hidden,

un-communicated or unrealistic expectations and develop the skills and tools

needed to create and maintain a healthy relationship.

Cost: $450         Limited to 25 Participants        Date: TBD



For Men  

The Reluctant Hero: How to Claim the True Spiritual Essence of Masculinity

  • Develop the necessary skills for effective, open communication, mutually satisfying sexual intimacy & enjoyable companionship.

  • Define Masculinity

  • Explain the biological difference between the male/female and its relevance in all relationships.

  • Explore father hunger and its impact on fathering

  • Provide the skills to use the energy of emotions to move beyond painful, negative feelings.

Cost: $249         Limited to 25 Participants        Date: TBD



For Women  

Making Peace with Your Mother: How to Achieve a Level of Greater Family Connectedness

  • Do you have a difficult relationship with your mother?

  • Do you experience anger, hurt and/or resentment towards your mother?

  • Do you feel that no one could possibly understand because…

A daughter’s relationship with her mother is how she learns about intimacy and thus sets the tone for the rest of her relationships. A woman who has a good relationship with her mother will chorus this fact but the woman who doesn’t will often keep it a secret because she will not get the empathy & understanding she often seeks.

Cost: $300         Limited to 25 Participants         Date: TBD

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