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The Color of Light at Night Effect on Mood

Certain colors of light at night affect mood. It's true for people, too.


Exercise As a Treatment for Depression

Exercise lifts your mood, but can it serve as a treatment for people with major depressive disorder? The research says yes, according to a new study reviewing the evidence to date. Esther Entin, MD discusses the details — how much and what type of exercise works best and how to get started. For those who suffer from the side effects of antidepressants, a spin class or run in the park could be just what the doctor ordered.


Talk Therapy Helps Depression

Thinking of talk therapy? Chances are it will help. Seven therapies are put to the test, and each is successful.


The Genes Behind Circadian Patterns and Major Depression

Genes running our body's clock operate in a coordinated way most of the time. But if they don't, depression can be the result.


Our Fear of Missing Out

The fear of missing out — we all suffer from it at times, but social media is making it worse.


Yoga May Help Mental Health Disorders, from Depression to Schizophrenia

A large-scale study finds that yoga helps ease some mental health disorders. Time to trade the meds for a mat?


Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Antidepressant-Resistant Depression

Antidepressants don't help everyone. A new study finds that one kind of psychotherapy can improve the odds.


Taking Early Control of Traumatic Memories May Help Treat PTSD

PTSD is characterized by unwanted and upsetting flashbacks of disturbing events. A new treatment interrupts the process.


How Our Brain Gets Us Motivated

An ingenious way of lighting up brain networks shows researchers what prompts us to act and offers a clue to depression.


Why Teenage Fear Lingers

Problems with anxiety often show up in adolescence. A study shows why, and why it's hard for teens to calm down.


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